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Nov 9th

Bible Text: Matthew 19:16-30 | Preacher: Rev. Susan Brown | Series: Fan or Follower?


Fan or Follower: What Must I Do?
Matthew 19: 16-22

Jesus’ answer to the question “What must I do?” is difficult to accept because it requires that we decide what we are willing to give up in order to become a follower.

Action: What is the “stuff” getting in the way of your being completely committed to Christ? What “things” can you give to God to lighten your burden and open your life to faith? Consider physical, emotional, or spiritual baggage. Each day this week, give some “thing” to God and practice not taking it back.


Prayer: Lord, help me to relax. Take from me the tension that makes peace impossible. Take from me the fears that do not allow me to venture. Take from me the worries that blind my sight. Take from me the distress that hides your joy. Help me to know that I am with you, that I am in your care, that I am in your love, that you and I are one. Amen.

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