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Sep 26th

Bible Text: Matthew 9:9-13 | Preacher: Rev. Susan Brown | Series: Fan or Follower?


Fan or Follower: Follow Me
Matthew 9: 9-13

The question is: “Are you a fan or follower of Jesus Christ?” A fan is an admirer. A follower is devoted. Where do you fall on that continuum? How can you move closer to devotion?

Action: Reflect on these questions. 1. Why did Jesus call someone like Matthew to follow him? Why were the religious leaders appalled? 2. If you are honest, who (individuals or groups) do you wish Jesus would not include as followers today. How can you change your perspective on that person or persons? 3. Do you feel unworthy of Jesus’ welcome? How can you live in God’s grace instead?

Prayer: O God, we want to have our cake and eat it, too: we want to be a friend of the world and still be your friend. Yet, Jesus taught us: “No one can serve two masters.” Give us strength and courage to get our priorities straight: help us to seek your kingdom first. Help us to live faithfully and joyfully in the world, and to be friends with the people you call us to serve. Help us also to remember that our best relationship is the one we have with you, We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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