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Sep 26th

Bible Text: Luke 9:18-25 | Preacher: Rev. Susan Brown | Series: Fan or Follower?


Fan or Follower: Take Up My Cross
Luke 9:18-25

The question is: “Are you a fan or follower of Jesus Christ?”  A fan is an admirer. A follower is devoted. Where do you fall on that continuum? How can you move closer to devotion?

Action: Add one thing each day this week that will draw you closer to Jesus. Subscribe to an online devotion. Set an alarm to remind you to stop and pray The Lord’s Prayer. Read one chapter each day from the Gospel of Luke, beginning with chapter nine. Offer a word of grace before each meal. Pray with your children at bedtime. Send a note of Christian encouragement to a shut-in. Be intentional about taking up Jesus’ cross of sacrificial love.


Prayer: Loving God, I thank you for inviting me to be your disciple and for the gift of your Son, Jesus. Help me proclaim and bear witness to the Gospel by word and by deed today and every day. Open my heart to the outcast, the forgotten, the lonely, the sick, and the poor. Grant me the courage to think, to choose and to live as a Christian, joyfully obedient to God. Amen.


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